Hag ha-Sukkot: The Shelters Festival

September 30, 2020    
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Hag Ha-Sukkot: The Shelters Festival – A Learning & Organizing Cohort with Professor Earl Schwartz

Teacher: Earl Schwartz

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: Sliding Scale Fee

In this series we study the opening sections of the Talmud Tractate Sukkot. Questions raised in these passages acquaint us with formative Jewish thinking about shelter, housing, and home – questions as basic and pressing today as in Talmudic times. Our study will focus on both the content and form of the text, with opportunities for those new to the study of Talmud to build their study skills, in large and small group settings. In exploring together the richness of Judaism and the sacred within and around us, we will affirm our shared bonds of mutual support and social responsibility by finding ways to apply what we learn in the series to our work as Jews in struggle for a better world where everyone is housed.

Additional facilitation will be provided by JCA Organizer Aaron Berc and Hineni Director Sara Lynn Newberger

This program is limited to 50 participants.
Please plan to attend all four sessions.
You can register here.