Beyond Black Hats

Temple Tuesdays Mini Courses
In person at Temple Israel

Beyond Black Hats: Chasidic Masters
on the Weekly Torah Portion
with Sara Lynn Newberger

Tuesdays, March 7, March 28*, May 2, June 6
(Note: Second class is in March due to Passover)
7-8:30 PM

This class is co-sponsored by Hineni.
$54 per person

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Although it is largely associated with religious ultra-Orthodoxy today, the Chasidic movement emerged in the 18th century in what is now Ukraine as a Jewish spiritual revival movement, that has so much to say to us today. Its early leaders and teachers sought to democratize Jewish study and observance and make mysticism more accessible by centering the experiential and sanctifying the everyday. Join Sara Lynn Newberger to explore four Torah portions through the lens of Chasidic masters, looking at their methods of interpretation and lessons for our lives.
Sara Lynn Newberger received her first chumash (volume of Torah) in 3rd grade – and thus was born a life-long love of studying Torah. Born in Chicago, she landed in St. Paul in 1989 where she came to work at the Talmud Torah of St. Paul Day School because the mission and vision resonated with her soul. At TTSP Sara Lynn has had many jobs. She served as the Director of Hineni from its inception in 2014 to 2022. Her favorite role has always been exploring Jewish texts, customs, values, and ideas with students of all ages.