About Midrasha/MOJU

The George Kaplan Midrasha program is a community Jewish supplementary school for students in grades 8 through 12.

All classes for the 2021-2022 school year are offered virtually through MOJU (Minnesota Online Jewish Ulpan). Our online learning is fully synchronous, interactive, and community building. A virtual Jewish education program offers increased inclusivity to students across the Twin Cities and beyond. It is also a convenient and flexible option for busy students and families!

Enroll today and connect to your Jewish… Heritage, Community, Language, History, and Identity.

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For over 60 years we have provided our students with quality, substantive education in Hebrew and Jewish studies, preparing them for participation in and leadership of the Jewish community.

TTSP has no affiliation to any one Jewish movement or congregation. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and practices. We encourage our students to meet on the common ground of tolerance, self-respect, and the shared values of cooperation. Our programs are taught by teachers who are passionate about their subjects and their students.

Parents ultimately don’t have the final word in what kind of Jewish life their adult children choose, but they do have lots of opportunities to make a difference.

“Don’t pass up any chance to keep your Jewish values in the next generation – and the next,” writes Rabbi Yosi Gordon, an esteemed member of our faculty. We invite you to consider enrolling your child at TTSP  to support their growth as Jews and as citizens of the world.