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Now enrolling elementary students grades K – 5!

The Newman School is a community Jewish Day School for students in grades K-5. We offer a unique educational program that focuses on spirituality, social justice, and hands-on learning while drawing on the teachings of Jewish Tradition.

Our mission is to challenge our students’ minds, engage their imaginations, and touch their souls. It is our goal that each child learns to think critically, live ethically, and build community.

At Newman, we encourage our students to ask questions, grow intellectually, and develop spiritually. Our students learn to see the world through multiple lenses and grow to understand that we each have a unique and valuable view of the world.

We welcome students of all backgrounds. Students, parents, and teachers are invited to learn side by side in a supportive school community.

We are deeply committed to nurturing in students a lifelong love of learning, belief in themselves, and understanding of their responsibility as citizens of the world. Students are encouraged to grow and thrive, guided by a strong sense of Jewish values and traditions.

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Why Newman?

Academic Excellence

We use an innovative, hands-on curriculum in a rigorous academic environment. We prioritize critical thinking skills. Students learn to analyze text, dig deeply for connection and meaning, and ask challenging questions.

Our small class sizes allow for individualized instruction that meets the needs of each student. With a small teacher-to-student ratio, our students have the opportunity for greater one-on-one attention and feedback.

Students have daily Hebrew language instruction beginning in Kindergarten. Technology, the Arts, and the exploration of nature are also incorporated throughout our daily curriculum.

Moral Development

We teach from multiple perspectives and honor our commitment to social justice. Through our teaching, we encourage our students to have a broad worldview.

Throughout our school year, we center our instruction on different universal moral values such as:

  • Care for the needy
  • Seek peace
  • Pursue justice
  • Love the stranger

The Newman School embeds ethical lessons and opportunities for moral development in every aspect of school life–from the classroom to the lunchroom to the playground.

Spiritual Engagement

The Newman School nurtures the spiritual lives of its students, recognizing that wonder, gratitude, and joy are all aspects of the human soul.

We practice these qualities as well as other habits of character that are essential for learning to live in community, such as respect, perseverance, kindness, and generosity.

Students participate in daily Torah Study

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